Farsight Global provides consultancy and educational services for business teams and business leaders. 


We provide advice and human resource services in the areas of workplace communication, leadership and personal coaching and support, team development, culture development, health and well-being, and interpersonal conflict. 


As an educator we provide high level performance coaching services, deliver workshops and seminars, and develop e-learning options, podcasts, and blogs for a global market of clients interested in cost-effectively developing their capability and knowledge.

Jonathan Black


As a qualified organisational psychologist registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board he brings valuable experience to clients as a behavioural scientist, respected expert speaker, and published author.



Farsight Global is a network organisation based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We specialise in communication, conflict management, occupational health and inspiring leadership.  Through strategic alliances with select professional colleagues possessing a range of business skills and experience we can undertake directly, or facilitate indirectly, a broad variety of human resource consulting services.

HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Timely HR Advice and Guidance

Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress

Maintaining a Healthy Work Place

Training Seminars

Training Seminars

Improving Your Teams Performance



Jonathan's presentation of the subject matter was absolutely excellent! Style, content, interaction and general presentation well received—very user friendly.



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