Terms of Service

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Terms of service for Psychological Service Provision (in-person and remote)

These terms and conditions apply to services provided by Farsight Limited (Farsight) for counselling and coaching-type services (in-person one-on-one or by remote digital means). Unless informed otherwise by a client it is taken that, upon reading these conditions, all clients provide informed consent to the terms and conditions stated below.


Rights and responsibilities of Farsight Limited

Services will be provided according to the ethical guidelines mandated by the New Zealand Psychologists Board and the Code of Ethics. A full copy of the Code is available at  http://www.psychologistsboard.org.nz/cms_show_download.php?id=235

All notes taken and any discussions during a session are confidential. Information collected in confidence may not be disclosed without informed consent. However, there are exceptions to this which include but are not exclusive to risk to personal and public safety.


Under certain circumstances, information collected in confidence may be released to a third party for contractual reasons. If so that will be discussed with the client and organized in advance as part of any contractual arrangement as to what information may be provided to the third party or party’s in question (e.g. an Employer seeking outcome/progress data for employee assistance and/or leadership coaching programme). Dual client obligations may apply.

Any records collected under the purpose of any contract for service (written or by verbal agreement) will be held securely on password-protected data storage or on locked premises.

Farsight will endeavour to make best efforts to ensure an appropriate location, time and environment to suit the needs of the client within the bounds of privacy, reasonable convenience for all parties, and reasonable access for all parties.


Farsight will ensure that professional skills are kept up to date and professional practice falls within the capability and capacity of the Psychologist as best as reasonably possible in the context of the assignment.


If telepsychology or telehealth services are provided Farsight will make best effort to ensure a) the client has a reasonable and effective degree of comfort with the technology used for remote delivery, b) that the environment Farsight uses is appropriately quiet and private, and c) there will be no recording of any session. If there is a request to record a remote delivery session it must have the consent of all parties involved in the session alongside clear agreement as to the purpose of the recording.




Responsibilities of the Client

The client agrees to engage with respect and willingness to participate to the best of their ability.

If a session needs to be cancelled or postponed that reasonable notice of a minimum 48 hours is provided to Farsight if possible. 

The client agrees to take adequate and reasonable steps to prepare for a session if deemed necessary.

If at any stage the client has concerns regarding the service provided they bring those concerns to Farsight at the earliest opportunity so reasonable steps may be taken to achieve resolution. If a resolution of concern cannot be achieved and concerns remain with no alternative remedy in the view of the client, it is advised a client contact the New Zealand Psychologists Board (http://www.psychologistsboard.org.nz/raising-a-concern)



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Jonathan is a registered psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and a Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology with the New Zealand Psychological Society. Specialising in conflict, communication, safety, performance and leadership he provides a broad range of services in these and other fields and his advice has been sought across Australasia and Europe.

Alongside his work as a consultant psychologist to business and industry in both private and public sectors Jonathan has also worked extensively in a voluntary capacity as a sports coach, particularly that of athletics (track and field). An athlete in his younger days, and with a passion for health and wellbeing, he began coaching in his early twenties and this has translated into involvement at both club and high performance levels. Jonathan is lead coach for a Christchurch-based training squad and has been involved as team coach for a number of New Zealand national teams in recent years, most notably for the NZ Paralympic team at the 2015 IPC world Championships in Doha, Qatar, and the NZ Paralympic team for the 2016 Rio Paralympics. In his spare time he is currently studying toward post-graduate qualifications in exercise science to complement his expertise and experience in psychology.

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